June 16, 2009

Raining Iguanas

Raining Iguanas

Turning doom and despair
Into life and love of it
Embrace change and chance
Hug a stranger- Smile uncontrollably
Let your thoughts sing you to sleep
Quietly, Happily, Contently
Know that spirit like water
Fuels and replenishes
Heart and Soul
True spirit overcomes fear and negativity
Not easily
Eventually it wears it down
Bit by Bit
Replacing each fear and worry with
Passion and Purpose
It strengthens resolve
Brings truth to
Individual existence
Steadfast, Straight, True
Be Bold, Be Happy, Be Brave
Forge ahead
Leave a trail - always leave a trail

John R. Greenwood


  1. John, what a wonderful message. Such good advice for living. I love the idea of always leaving a trail. I think perhaps, for us poets, our trail might involve our poetry. You think?

  2. What a beautiful poem to read in the morning !

    I felt refreshed, with green nature images in the background.

    Thank you for sharing this ~

  3. I agree with Grace - this should be a part of an affirmation in the mornings. Excellent!

  4. Lovely poem. You weave interesting images. Nice write.


  5. Let your thoughts sing you to sleep ... do you mean I have to turn off the TV?

    Ha, just joking. I never leave the tv on in the bedroom - have one in there really for when I'm sick or the kids are watching a movie that I don't want to watch. Love me my BBC America channel on those occasions.

    Embrace change and chance... I agree - but sometimes forget.