October 15, 2011

October Joy

October Joy 
Poem and video by
John R. Greenwood

On a bright October afternoon a modern day family takes a leisurely drive. Listen close and you can hear the heart of this Model T race once again. The scene saturated with the scent of fresh picked Mac’s and crisp oak leaves. A one hundred year old father-son ritual plays out as an excited boy sits on his father’s lap and steers into the future. A boyhood rite-of-passage passed on from son to son. Mom smiles approvingly, her family tucked safe within. Down the gentle grade of life to the present day where past and present mix. A visual reminder that memories are made, both looking forward and looking back.

This was the result of a coworker and his family stopping by work on his day off one recent October day. I grabbed an inexpensive camera from my desk drawer and as the family left the property I took the video above. I wrote, recorded, and added the accompanying poem later. 


  1. John, what a wonderful video. I also greatly enjoyed your words, hearing YOUR voice as you read them. Memories are indeed made looking forward and looking back.

  2. John,

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful visual account.
    Memories of earlier days are so important to us, as are the memories we transfer to the next generations.
    Best Regards, Eileen

  3. Nice job, John. I love the poem, video, picture, and the "vintage" truck! The family looks really happy riding away on that nice Oct. day! Love you, Your sister Jo