February 14, 2012

Just Another Day

"The Greenwoods"

Just Another Day
By John R. Greenwood

Just another day to say, "I love you." 
Just another day to hold you close
Just another day to wish you happiness my dear
Just another day I'd say, "I do."

Just another wish I wish for you dear
Just another wish I hope comes true
Just another wish we are forever
Just another wish to keep you near

Just a moment tender when we first kissed
Just a moment walking hand-in-hand
Just a moment while I count my blessings
Just a moment, before the moment's missed

Just another way to say, "I love you." 


  1. So sweet! I'm happy to know that you found your Valentine.

  2. Beautiful love poem, John.
    May you and she have a Happy Valentine's Day!