June 12, 2014

Discussing The Future

Discussing The Future
By John R. Greenwood

We sat relaxed in the green grass of optimism, discussing the future of our children, as it has been done for centuries. 

What lies ahead we ask? 

I see smiles and laughter, friends, no foes. I look ahead, way beyond and see those friends gathered in fields of dreams, sharing ideas and stories for the next wave of family. The future is all we have, the past just a memory. Look up, not down. Stare down naysayers and sloths who threaten peace and joy. Wave them off like a telemarketer’s sales pitch. Grasp your vision early and run for all your worth. Jump chasms and quicksand-arms who reach out to pull you down. Shrug off clouds of negativity and let warm July showers wash away uncertainty. Live life like you're in charge, don’t sit at the curb waiting for the paycheck that will never arrive. Be safe in your steps but step briskly. Linger too long and the snakes of doubt may curl around your ankles and pull you to the ground. Chin up, standing arrow-straight, move forward into the future and with every rounded corner reach out with tolerance and love for those who line your path.

I see the future as bright as day. 

There is no other way, you see. 

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