April 12, 2017

A Day Of Observance

A Day Of Observance
By John R. Greenwood

The New York Public Library 
"Each time I went to the library I felt safe. 
Nothing bad can happen to you in a library." 
- Maya Angelou

The quote above can be unearthed on the NYPL Websitea mouse click you will not regret. 

Saturday, April 1, 2017 was a day filled with new friends, old friends, and Friends of the Saratoga Springs Public Library. Who knew a bus load of librarians and book lovers could be so much fun! I found out Saturday when I joined a literary tour to NYC. The trip to New York's Algonquin Hotel and the NYPL was organized by Saratoga Reads of the Saratoga Springs Public Library in honor of Saratoga's home grown author from the 1920's Frank Sullivan. The day included round trip bus fare, lunch at the Algonquin Hotel and two informative and entertaining tours of the area. 

We boarded our well-traveled tour bus in the Wilton Mall parking lot. We were greeted by John our cordial and competent driver. Having logged many miles behind the wheel of a tractor trailer myself, I can say from experience that John's professionalism was exercised past every mile marker. 

Bryant Park NYC

We arrived at Bryant Park in New York City, safe, sound, and right on schedule. After a brief description of the day's itinerary by our host Rhona we enjoyed some free time to explore. Many of us headed straight to the NYPL in Bryant Park to get a library card. I now have free access to 63 million items in 209 branches. I will have to finish the four books I have in various stages of completion before tackling that list. It's nice to know they'll still be there when I'm ready. 

Statues of Liberty, Woman in Red, and Batman

I took the accompanying photos and Youtube video during the two walking tours. I spent the day like a sponge trying to soak up every drop before the spill ran off the edge of the kitchen table. I am not a traveled man. When it comes to NYC, I've been to two Yankee games and one Met game in 60 years. I'm not sure that even counts. 

Spring Cleaning - NYC Style

Life Imitates Art 2017
I enjoyed every minute of my visit. The endless variety of people and views kept me fully engaged the entire time. The day went far to quickly. I was glad I had my camera. I was fortunate to capture some great shots of the faces and places I experienced that Saturday. Here are a few more. 

Next Generation 

Keeping The Peace

The Essence of New York 

NYC Style

Hats Off To You NYC
Thank You! 

"My personal favorite of the day" -jrg

Here's a video collection of the day.


  1. One word - Fabulous! Oh...a few more: I didn't notice Batman the first few times I saw that pic on the video. Love it!

  2. Are you well, Jon? Please write more often. I have read "A Day of
    Observance" at least three too many times, well-written as it is.

    1. I am well, although my focus over the last few months has been on my health. Reading my friend Diane's and your comments are indicators that I need to get back to business. A wise man once told me not to apologize for periods of silence, but to simply, start writing...
      Thank you for your kind words of encouragement and support.

  3. Nice. I travel a few times a year now that my son lives in Brooklyn and my daughter goes to Montclair State University You did quite well for one day! Enjoyed the whole clip.

  4. Taking those photos was the most fun I've had in quite awhile. I really want to return so I can visit "The Met."