June 26, 2011

Family Reunion

Photo by John R. Greenwood

Family Reunion
By John R. Greenwood

A family collection of young and old hearts
Reunite and gather for a summer's day
Grandma Grace and her dog Copper with the grey face
Sit silent on the shade drenched riverbank 
Cherubs with pink cheeks come flitting with their
Pepper shaker full of kisses sprinkled lightly on her cheek
She smiles and rests content
Inhaling life's rewards
Absorbing children sounds and 
Eavesdropping on a young couples tiff
She knows the sands of time are numbered
An evening haze settles in
One more album full 
A grandmother's quilt takes shape

Written for the, Sunday Whirl


  1. Welcome to the whirl, John. Family reunions, summer....I love that it culminates in a grandmother's quilt. My mother is a quilter, and my great grandmother was a quilter. It skips generations in my family. :) Great use of the wordle words. You're already fitting right in with us.
    Oh, and I love the name of your blog!

  2. Wonderful poem and use of the wordle words, John. I could see the scene you painted. Well done. :)

  3. A really nice take on the wordle words, John.


  4. You had me at "Grandma Grace"...that was my grandma's name! :)

    Nicely captured scene -- and using wordle words, to boot!

    Welcome to The Whirl!


  5. "Inhaling life's rewards" - what a wonderful line! :-)

  6. John, so glad to see you wordling! I enjoyed your poem.

  7. John,

    This was such a beautiful read. I felt as though I was right there too.

    Best Wishes, Eileen

  8. The scene you have set is charming, with a great use of the wordle words.

  9. Oh my, truly elegant and touching. "Pepper shaker full of kisses" and of course "the sands of time" I am sooo there.

  10. Invite you to write for week 5 challenge,
    Hope all is well.
    Thanks for the attention.
    Appreciate your input.