June 21, 2012

Writers' Project Meeting #2

"On the way to work collection"

Tonight is Writers' Project Meeting #2 @ Hubbard Hall. A lot has happened in one week and I am still trying to absorb it all. Connection and inspiration for something I couldn't identify has shown up like a Trailways Bus at a Thruway Truck Stop. You put your business on a busy road-at some point you're going to get customers. You better have enough food to feed them and plenty of help to keep the line moving. You shouldn't be surprised if you get a few complaints, and you know for certain most are just happy to fill a growling stomach and stretch their legs. I will do my best here. I do not take this lightly. But for now I have to pay the bills and get ready for work. If you find yourself here via Bedlam Farms or any other site I thank you for stopping. I feel like a kid whose father just handed him the keys and says, "Don't hit anything!" Boy, am I excited, can you tell? 


  1. Dear Mr. Greendwood - So fortunate to be led to your blog via Jon Katz' blog. Your writings are terrific. Happy Summer to you and family! Kindest, Jennie

  2. love your analogies -- you're doing great -- keep it up! :)

  3. Today Jon slammed home the creative process: "...they will ultimately do better sitting on a tree stump and closing their eyes for an hour than spending all their hard-earned money asking strangers what they ought to feel and do."

    Write your heart out! Enjoy tonight...Red will be there to encourage everyone.