June 15, 2012

Mr. Katz What Have You Done!

I had 17 views on my blog page Thursday
After Jon's kind words and link to my blog it skyrocketed to 653 on Friday.

The door to my dream was cracked open last night.
Today the door swung wide and light flooded in.
A man I've met only three times changed it forever.
His words of encouragement transformed my dream into a mission.
There are words to pen and roads to ride.
Another story is about to unfold and life again is fresh and ripe.
People have been kind to me over my many years.
But no man has placed such well honed words beneath my name.
I am honored and a bit overwhelmed.
The wonder of this world is large.
Take a look around
You may find.
What I have found.

Encouragement grows deep on Bedlam Farm


  1. I'm what I would call a "silent" reader of Jon Katz's blog posts. I admire his views on life, but for some odd reason, I never leave a comment. Not sure what I want to say here, but I guess a "congrats" will do for now. I like your words in the post above and feel that perhaps a door has been cracked open for me also lately. I feel that my life is again "fresh and ripe" since I recently downgraded to possess only one part-time job, which will leave me with so much time to pursue what makes my heart happy.

    Wishing you the best in the pursuit of your life's dreams!

    1. Fling that door open. That someday- it's here. I am glad you found your voice on Raining Iguanas. That is what this blog is about. Open up the window let the air in and shout out. Thank you for visiting. Please comeback and say hello anytime.

  2. good news always makes me feel happy.

    may life only become better for you, in all life's nooks and crannies.

    happy weekend.

  3. The best honed words ever placed beneath your name are YOUR WORDS!!! You have true talent!

    I have a few poems of my own secreted away in a dark drawer, and a journal that waits for my confidences but first, my confidence.

    You are an inspiration!

    1. Send me one, I would love to read it. Dark drawers are for worn socks and flannel pajamas not poetry.

    2. Good point! I'll remember that while I think about it...

  4. So glad that you and Jon found each other and I'm especially glad he wrote about you and your blog. Your words are powerful - I love reading and listening to stories. You have joined my list of favorite blogs to read. Blessings to you and your wife.


    1. I am thrilled you stopped by. Thank you for your kind words.

  5. lovely photos and words, I will be back.