June 28, 2012

Writers' Project Meeting #3

Tonight we begin working on our story outlines. I thought I would begin right here with a picture and a pint of refreshment. Thank you to my childhood friend Randy Davis for allowing me access to a pair of old milk trucks he rescued from the woods. I asked if I could take some photographs of them. I will share more story and photos as the project progresses.  I am forever grateful for Randy's generosity  and his lifelong friendship. 


There is a story in here. It's waiting to be delivered. I have an established route and on this route are many homes. Homes filled with families waiting anxiously for some nourishment. That nourishment will come in the form of words. Words placed quietly at your door, barely a clink will be heard. To enjoy the soothing refreshment, you will have to shake the bottle. Grasp it tightly at the middle, homogenize it, pull out the top.
Sip it.
 Chug it.
 Let it run down your neck.
There, now don't you feel better?
Your mind will return to happier times when children played in front yards and dogs ran free.
Clothes hung on lines and bird houses from trees. 
Farms were healthy.
Parents were proud.
Whispers were quiet, sirens loud. 

Stayed tuned for more


  1. Enjoynreading your blog. I come to it from Jon Katz's. I'm a singer/songwriter, poet and writer who is a member of a weekly writer's group. The group is an inspiration and source of encouragement to us all. Looking forward to future posts.

  2. i love the way your mind works -- great writing!