August 02, 2012

A night at "The Joe"

A Night At "The Joe" 
by John R. Greenwood
A night at "The Joe"
There's nothing quite like enjoying America's Past-Time at night. This night would be no exception. I have to admit that I am not a diehard baseball fanatic. I love Field of Dreams and I can remember the 86 Mets Series like it was yesterday but I'll take a Redskin thumping of the Cowboys any day. But there is something special about a summer baseball game under the lights. The sights, sounds, and especially the smells are at their peak at an evening game. If you close your eyes and listen carefully you can hear America humming all around you. People stand taller and prouder when the National Anthem is belted out at a night game. The air breathes in easier too. Hot dogs smell like t-bones and popcorn fumes could cure depression. Little ones seem to behave better too. It's as though they left their whiny gene at the gate coming in. From the first inning to the last, silver topped seniors seem loose and at ease, their eyes full of memories of ballgames past, played in fields behind the house, with friends that now have faces with no names. The lights and shadows have depth and meaning. It's Norman Rockwell for 9 innings plus. Unlike a day at the track, there are no real losers here. Even the team at the short end of the scoreboard would have to savor an evening like this.

"Along the Rail" 

"Waiting for a Sign" 
"The view from Heaven" 


  1. Wow -- these are spectacular shots -- I felt I was back in time at my former homeplace watching the game. -- barbara

  2. What a beautiful and interesting blog you have. I love the Miller Williams quote on your sidebar. I'm a fan of his daughter, Lucinda, too.