August 07, 2012

Battenkill Magic

Dogs eye view of a book signing
Battenkill Books does it again. Battenkill Books is a magical place that has a way bringing people together. It has a calming tone that oozes out from the book covered walls and up through the beautiful hardwood floors. Dogs lay quite. Children behave and listen. Adults young, old, and in need of nourishment come here from miles around. On this night they came to listen to Jon Katz speak about his latest release, "The Story of Rose: A Man and His Dog" Jon's readers packed this little gem of a book store. They sat and listened to Jon share his interpretation of the publishing world as he sees it in the present day. You see, Jon's newest book was released online as an ebook. For this book there would be no hard or soft cover book to sign. It is the new world. It is reality. Most in attendance didn't seem to care. They simply love to read. They love dogs and they love surrounding themselves by people who care about their animals and the people around them. Imagine Battenkill Book Store owner Connie Brooks opening her mind and heart to embrace a new world of technology. "It's about reading" she said. That's what makes this place so special. Its roots run deeper than the bottom line. The energy of reading is strong. Strong enough to trust that it will be around in some form for generations to come. Books are knowledge. We learn from them. We grow from them. They are not about putting up walls. They are about breaking them down. Does it really matter what form they take? Jon and Connie spent the evening opening us up to what lies ahead. Once again I left this community with my mind and heart full. Mrs. G and I left for home through the twisting turning roads of Washington County absorbing the beauty of the sun setting behind the plush green hills. A man and his dogs, a woman and her bookstore both stayed behind sharing, supporting, and looking forward to what will come their way tomorrow.
I am confident that for them and for those who share their vision, the future is bright.
Yours truly,
John R. Greenwood


  1. John, I am a keen follower of Jon and his books, and Rose is a huge favorite. Thanks much for your perspective on the Battenkill Bookstore. Connie and her mother, Marilyn, are wonderful folks as well. Cheerio for now.

  2. Jennie, I want to thank you for following here at Raining Iguanas as well. The Washington County area is jam packed with wonderful folks, but the concentration of them at Battenkill Books is exceptionally high.

  3. John, the photo of Lenore among all the sandals is engaging. I had a black Lab until recently -- they are one of my favorite breeds. I would have liked to hear Jon Katz speak. -- barbara