August 14, 2012

Hidden Reflection

"Hidden Reflection"

It has been several weeks since our Hubbard Hall Writing Group first met. Much has happened since. The most enjoyable aspect has been watching other members of the group expand and experiment with their work. I find myself exhausted most nights. It's from wanting to sample anything and everything thats skitters by. Whether it's a photo opportunity or a personal situation that spawns a story idea, my mind is in perpetual motion. It's inspirational intravenous, drip by drip, hour by hour, day by day. As fulfilling as this experience has been to this point it leaves me wanting more and more. I feel revitalized. I can't wait to look around the corner each morning to see what lies ahead. The downfall is lack of time. I eek out every moment I can. I try to get my daily exercise in. I fail miserably at my goal of the perfect eating regimen, even under the ever watchful eye of my coach of thirty eight years. I do my best to uphold my record of placing my work ethic at the top of the pile. Bills still come. The phone still rings. No complaints will be found here. I am happy to be depleted by doing something that does more for my grizzled ticker than any heart medication could ever hope to do. I appreciate those who stop by here regularly to see what's new. My space is meant to be light, a pitstop in the rat race, a sip of morning coffee when your own pot is empty, a little breeze where the air is still. I will be back tomorrow. I hope you will be too. So before I crawl off to bed I want to give you a little explanation of the photo at the top of the page. The colorful glass orange was bought by Mrs G. at McCartee's Barn in Salem. She also purchased a beautiful flower vase(not shown). They were very inexpensive and great finds. So was the visit. While we were sleuthing about the many rooms of antiques and paintings I wandered upon a simply constructed painter's palette. It was loaded for action and gorgeous all on it's own. Luckily before I was silly enough to ask if it was for sale I heard the owner Sue explain to another visitor that Harry Orlyk was painting a watercolor right there in the shop and would be returning soon. The day only got better when Sue pointed us in the direction of the location of my favorite Harry Orlyk painting; not the painting, I already know where it is and where I hope it will be one day, but where Harry painted it. This was the cherry on the top of this author's day. Thank you Salem, you sure fill your town with nice people. The leaves will be turning soon. You should fill your car with gas and turn 'it' toward Washington County. It's got beautiful color in more places than just the trees.

Mr G. made his own purchase at a local consignment shop. Photo and story to follow soon. 
Stay tuned...