May 01, 2013


By John R. Greenwood

"Pearl and her baby"
L-R : Barley, Pearl, Willow-Marsh Farm owner Chuck Curtiss
Pearl the dog and her stuffed animal greeted me on this beautiful spring morning. Pearl's infectious smile and wagging tail filled my day with sunshine in one fell swoop. It was another farm dog day and I was out numbered. I struggle to call it going to work when I get to enjoy portions of my day filled with Pearls and Barleys. Barley and Pearl, two farm dogs with captivating grins and playful demeanors romping in the barnyard with a stuffed animal like two carefree children on a day home from school.

Barley kidnaps the baby with Pearl in hot pursuit!
They tugged and wrestled, nipped and nudged. I was in love with two dogs I'd just met and the day was just beginning. What is it about life that we don't get? Why aren't simple joys like Pearl and Barley enough for us? Why do we need so much and want to give so little? I don't have the answers nor do I want to waste my time worrying about it.

Bulk Milk Driver- Robert Mosher
For now I want to continue my day traveling from farm to farm picking up milk with my driver. It is a day of sharing ideas and growing at our jobs together.From Saratoga County we head off to Washington County where the hills get a little bigger and the roads a lot windier.  

Our next stop has a welcoming committee. A trio of attitudes and altitudes. A growler, a snorter, and a stone silent stalker. It's funny how the differences in humans are similar to the differences in dogs. These three were as different as night, day, and midmorning. They demanded to know who the new guy was and were quite upset when they found out his biscuit supply had been exhausted by the previous administration. The silent stalker seemed especially perturbed. The skeptical part of my brain said the silent stalker used that silent, unsure stance as a ploy to exude fear and thereby extra insurance biscuits, "just in case?" 

"The Silent Stalker"
Friend or Foe?

What do you think? 

I would like to thank all the dogs, farmers, and drivers who helped make this post and the fine day it describes possible.


  1. Oh, how this reminds me of my golden, Buddy. He almost never goes outside without a baby in his mouth. He has a basket of them, and they all seem to get their turn. Yes, I would say the silent stalker has learned the fine art of quiet intimidation. What a great way to spend a day, among furry beings such as these.

  2. Amen to this, John. Joy surrounds us, if only we have eyes to see it. You do, and you share it with us. Thank you.

  3. Nice to see the photos of the dogs you meet and greet along the route. I think they all are sweet underneath their attitudes. Just in case I am wrong you had better advise your driver not to run out of biscuits -- good one -- barbara

  4. Looks like a ploy to me! Love those photos!

  5. The Silent Stalker is my Fav. You're can hardly call it working when mingling with these wonderful creatures. Diane