July 19, 2010

Alone behind the wheel

"and I took the road ..."

Alone behind the wheel
By John R. Greenwood

October in full bloom, radio low or not. Windows open, sweatshirt sleeves pulled up forearm high, a day to kill with no one waiting, tank full of gas, no map, no plan, no destination. Point the pickup north and go. That road looks good. A long dirt road with houses scattered few and far, with old empty barns, grey and tilted. Stonewalls taper off in oak-leave forests. Squirrels salute, pull tails up, and flee. The faint sound of honking geese cause shadow glimpses high above. Take time to think- time to ponder. Who has time to ponder anymore? Who cares enough to? Road narrows and comes to a T.
Right or left?
Does it matter?



  1. Oh I so love drives like this through the countryside. Yes, at those times, almost any direction will do.

    1. These are the days when breathing is easy and the mind is clear.

  2. John,

    A delightful sense of carefree relaxation. Your writing points to days of bygone leisure....a total luxury, being at one with nature and the open and uncluttered road.

    Best Wishes, Eileen

  3. I think we can make time to ponder especially in such a wonderful atmosphere... great piece!


  4. No road, no map, no destination. Some days I want to go along this road ~

  5. Often tempted to do this, never sure if I'd ever return...

  6. Time to ponder....yes, what is that?....Love the thoughts in this one!!!