October 28, 2010

Look Up

Look Up

By John R. Greenwood

I wrote this poem minutes after my

pre-coffee hunting trip

in search of the elusive newspaper.

I pause for a moment and look up.

Autumn sky

Moonlit and quiet

Star-speckled and fresh

Injected with train sounds

Chugging strong in the distance

Cars pass slowly

Their lights spraying

Naked maples and

Scant oaks with

Left over leaves

Desperately clinging on

The smell of fall

Falling away with

Winter whispering

In the hills

Not so far away

I stop and stare

Neck tilted back

Like an old-man Pez dispenser

I soak it in

Lung, sight, and mind

Take the time

To look up


October 21, 2010

Porch Pieces

Porch Peace

By John R.Greenwood

Each porch step up

A story to tell

Of lives and loves from

The world that surrounds

Friends stop by and whisper

Did you know? Did you hear?

Porch simple moments

Unchanged through the years

The neighbor's new Chevy

A lost wallet is found

An upcoming wedding

The old barn that burned down

Boys perched on railings

Swinging their feet

Dad hikes up his work pants

That droop in the heat

On the paint worn top step

Giggling girls squished together

As if joined at the hip

Like birds of a feather

Women in blue dresses

Red petunias in clay pots

Babies in playpens

Sleeping or not

Visions of porches

Today or yet to be

Provide a little haven

That's safe for you and me

I wrote this poem for "Porch Pieces" - Artist Bryony Graham's living sculpture.



By John R. Greenwood
Blue and high
Waving leaf
Golden sky

Autumn song
Swaying tree
Upright brother to
A standing sea

Quiet silence
Fills the air
Heart and mind
I stop and stare