October 18, 2009

Back Road Joy

Back Road Joy
By John R. Greenwood

Twisting pavement
Old heavy trees close at hand
Hang shrouded branches
Over shadowed turns
Flowing gently
On September’s
Sunny day

Farmhouse nestled
With stacks of life
Piled neatly or not

Old sheds sag in
Backyard corners
While dogs bark softly
To freshen passing ears

Rusty tractors ache
Given to weeds and
Sumac blankets
Weary and wrought
Of long days gone past

Woodpiles rot under
Tattered blue tarps
Abandoned wagons
Left helpless
No load left to carry

Cold creeks gurgle
A sweet quiet motion
Moss smell hovers
And peeks through trees

Time seems sleepy
As you pull to roads edge
Sit quiet
Take a moment
Drink back road joy
Warmly in

(Written after a ride in Washington County)