March 16, 2014

"A Writer's Struggle" by Joanne Byron

 "A Writer's Struggle" 
     By Joanne (Greenwood) Byron 

Writers block can happen to the best of the talented individuals who desire to coax and extract the correct combinations of creative phrasing, and poetic, descriptive tales, designed to stimulate, and ultimately capture our readers attention and imagination.

When, on occasion, we find the flow of our creative process become more difficult, and sometimes stagnate, we may need to step back for a time, to be renewed and refreshed. This period of time that we allow ourselves to relax, and be renewed, may"prime our wells", so to speak, and clear the stagnation from our innermost soul. Our renewed energy and inspiration will begin to flow again through our pen and onto our paper. First, we outline the ideas in our minds, then we "flesh out" the work.Then happily, our creative voice begins to emerge again!

We write to express ourselves, which can often be cathartic and self-descriptive. Our expression may also bring with it a touch of melancholy, mixed at times with bursts of joy. A writers' words may be colorful, quick-witted, lighthearted, or filled with sadness, morphing into brightness.

As writers, our words and ideas reside and constantly bubble within us; struggling, and desperately trying to squeeze their way out of our emotion filled, and sometimes troubled souls. We strive to transport the reader into the world our words originate from, which can change from day to day. 

Writers block, as it is called, is the period of time where our words escape us, and, in my opinion, our minds need to rest for a season. A "block" is like a sabbatical, of sorts. The experience and length of this pulling back from our creative passion, is different for each writer.

Our writing often possesses a strange and magical ability to lift up the lonely, and hopefully lighten their otherwise dim days. There are times when our reader may be carrying a heavy burden, and the words given to us to share, may quietly carry a refreshing breeze of sunshine into their deeply painful day.

Those of us are who find ourselves drawn by the passion to put our words on paper, can make a surprising difference in the life of a people with no certain direction in their lives.

When the natural flow of new ideas, stories, poems, books, and the like, stagnate, it is OK to step to back and allow what we feel drawn to do, be expressed. Each writer's personality, and God given talent, allows us many forms of expression, therefore evoking numerous reactions, ideas, emotions, and hopefully, inspiration to our reader.

When we see our readers drawn into our work, enough that they feel moved, to deeper thought, emotion, good works, a more joyful heart and peaceful mind, answers to their problems (whatever they may be), or being thankfully lifted up from a desperate place of suffering, then we will know the purpose we have been created for....  

by Joanne Greenwood Byron
Written 3.15.14

The piece above was written by my sister Joanne. Her support and encouragement of my writing has been a huge reason for my continued pursuit of something more. She sent me this piece the other day and I couldn't wait to tell her how much I liked it and how excited I would be if she let me share it with others. The ever sharing spirit she is, she of course quickly granted my wish. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jo's little brother,


  1. I would love to see this article in many writer's magazines. thank-you Joanne and John. So true and relate-able!

    I want to share a link to this post on my next post.

  2. I'm sure my sister would be as thrilled as I would to have you share it.

  3. Janet M. and John, Thank you both for your kind and welcoming words to me last night. I would be more than happy if you choose to share my piece, "A Writer's Struggle" on your post. It was my hope when I wrote this, that it will help all of us who love writing. It's OK to give ourselves permission to take a break, choose a place to relax body and mind, then receive new inspiration. Thanks again, Joanne

  4. Always nice to have supportive members in the family -- she wrote a nice piece -- barbara

  5. Thank you to you both! It is a struggle and one we all face. I also think you should be published~