December 15, 2015

Mothers And Fathers

Mothers And Fathers
By John R. Greenwood

Mother's Comfort 

Mothers comfort the bumps and bruises.
They hug away pain and fear.
Mothers know how to read tears.
They decipher words no one else can hear.
Mothers warm us like blankets and wrap us in love.
Mothers make it all better. 

Father's Lift

Fathers lift us up.

They fill us with encouragement and wonder.
Fathers teach us to reach for the stars. 
They make us laugh with funny faces and body noises.
Fathers play rough.
They bend and never break.

Thank you to my son, grandson, daughter-in-law (first photo) and her sister (second photo bottom right) for the photos above. 

I have two sons with sons. They are good fathers who married good mothers.
My wife and I are grateful for the love they all share with their children.