July 26, 2012

"There's One In Every Crowd" 
It doesn't matter where you are there's always that one person who stands out in a crowd. It can be in a good way. It can be in a bad way. But, there is always at least one who must speak louder, look bolder, or slump so bad their shoulder tops touch. Are you the one? Do you stand on your toes and jump up high to be seen? Do you pout so bad your friends whisper when you leave? There was a time long ago you could get a tattoo or dye your hair orange to stand out. A toolbox hanging from your lip doesn't even muster a raised pierced brow anymore. I knew if I lived long enough being tat free would be cool. You should see me in my bellbottoms. This post has no true meaning, I simply loved the photo and the caption I created. I attempted to make statement. I think I failed. Hey, I just speak the truth. Whoa, wait a minute, maybe I'm on to something.


  1. Nice! I have really been enjoying this recent series of photographs and the meditations they inspire. Thanks for posting.

  2. Actually, I love this photo and I really think you were going somewhere with this piece until you stopped short. Finish it up right and I think it could be really powerful. Absolutely neat photo and really powerful message in there.

    1. Kim, you are 100% correct. I was overtired and grumpy. I had great plans for it. If it disappears for a day or so look out it will return screaming, with arms waving and sirens blaring.