July 26, 2012

Support Group

"Support Group"

Support can come in many forms. The most common is lending an ear. Leaning in close and hearing what's being said, not just absorbing sound waves. Many times that is enough. Sometimes we are not asking for reaction or solution we are simply asking for someones time. Time is precious for sure but so is friendship and compassion. When people huddle together arm in arm there is a strength that pulses from one heart to the next. In these times of pointing fingers and rifles it seems like a good time to remind ourselves how important a circle of friends can be. When rains come and the cold of night breaches our comfort zone we always look for the warmth of friendship. An open doorway, lighted and  welcome is all we seek when the storm is brewing overhead. It can begin with a handshake or a hug, one friend then two. Before you know it the main table is full and you're unfolding the card table and searching for more chairs. That's how it should work. Building support for a common cause. Nudging and encouraging those who need it most. Let's lean in more and step back less. Open your eyes and ears. Look in your own backyard. You can learn a lot from a patio chair.

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  1. A community of friends can be a balm to a searching soul indeed.-- barbara