December 31, 2011

Last Post 2011

Last Post 2011
By John R. Greenwood

Year done
Year begun
Let's make this world 
A better one

Support your neighbor
Support your friend
We'll all do better 
In the end

No more push
No more shove
Smell the coffee
Feel the love

Sappy simple 
I will agree
Follow them?
Follow me?


December 30, 2011

Spiffy Lube After Dark

Spiffy Lube After Dark
By John R. Greenwood

Sullen faces stacked side by deep
Month end procrastination fills the room 
Necks strain to the right with heads tilted slightly north
Dull minds hypnotized by the Fox News drone filling the flat screen up high
Cautious spirits wait with nail-biting anticipation, fearful of the last name call:
"Mr. Greenwood, could you come out here please?"
"Our Tech discovered oak leaf pieces in the crevices of your air filter"
"We can replace the filter right now for a mere $36.99"
"So, would you like us to go ahead and replace that horribly clogged and possibly engine damaging filter for you?"
And then…
The heart stopping fear sets in.
That look of disgust that comes with your answer of,"Not today thanks."
That same tsking-sigh you get when you turn down the extended warranty 
And then…
Another wave of fear rails up your spine
Will they 'accidentally' forget to tighten something?
Concern swells as you sit back down and wait for the cumulative stares to subside.
What have I done? 
I should have at least upgraded the complimentary carwash

December 25, 2011

Solitary Refinement

"Do you hear what I hear?"

Solitary Refinement
By John R Greenwood

Christmas night solitude 
The season's simplest gift

A relieved balsam - with job complete
Lights shining brighter rests satisfied and proud

Empty streets and full bellies
Remnants of December's 24th and 25th

Presents rest peacefully with all the bustle gone
Long lines invisible, now just a memory

Such heart and soul placed on one day
Close your eyes and imagine a child far away - in a manger  

Submitted to Poetry Jam 


"Perhaps it is just as well to be rash and foolish for a while. If writers were too wise, perhaps no books would be written at all." 
- Zora Neale Hurston (1891-1960)

December 15, 2011

Today Is A Good Day

Today Is A Good day
By John R. Greenwood

Our sons and daughters are coming home
Too many lives lost 
Too many lives changed

Put down your arms 
Open your arms
Your sons
Your daughters

Wives & Husbands
Your returning soldiers 
Made in America

Today is a good day
The year is winding down
Let us rewind the clock
Change the calendar

Time to move forward > 2012   

My Submission for Thursday Think Tank

December 01, 2011

December #56


December #56 
By John R. Greenwood
#56 approaches shadow like
slinking low in the dark damp night
this shivering grey man hangs on 
tight and reluctant 
fuel bill memories smother all hope of advance
snow drift dreams of broken snowblowers and dead batteries
and still
a ceiling stain lingers 
a reminder of #53’s heartless ice dams
heavy and thick
fond recollection of #10’s five dollar lift tickets and deep powder runs
T-bars, rope tows and mom’s hand-knit wool socks
with each opened tote of tangled light and shiny bulb
a fresh scent of balsam 
like smelling salts 
snaps me back 
and I pause
wreath in hand
looking forward to #57