December 30, 2011

Spiffy Lube After Dark

Spiffy Lube After Dark
By John R. Greenwood

Sullen faces stacked side by deep
Month end procrastination fills the room 
Necks strain to the right with heads tilted slightly north
Dull minds hypnotized by the Fox News drone filling the flat screen up high
Cautious spirits wait with nail-biting anticipation, fearful of the last name call:
"Mr. Greenwood, could you come out here please?"
"Our Tech discovered oak leaf pieces in the crevices of your air filter"
"We can replace the filter right now for a mere $36.99"
"So, would you like us to go ahead and replace that horribly clogged and possibly engine damaging filter for you?"
And then…
The heart stopping fear sets in.
That look of disgust that comes with your answer of,"Not today thanks."
That same tsking-sigh you get when you turn down the extended warranty 
And then…
Another wave of fear rails up your spine
Will they 'accidentally' forget to tighten something?
Concern swells as you sit back down and wait for the cumulative stares to subside.
What have I done? 
I should have at least upgraded the complimentary carwash


  1. Hee hee, I SO relate! Trust me, it is even worse when one is a woman because they then assume utter ignorance of all things mechanical (in my case, warranted:))

  2. It’s so true! Do your own-screw the filter and tighten the nuts!😉🤣👍