December 31, 2010


By John R. Greenwood
Life unwrapped 
Life unwound
Look inside
Look around
*Poem to end 2010

December 30, 2010

Unnecessary Roughness

Unnecessary Roughness
By John R. Greenwood
Calculated pain
Hearts held for ransom
The scope of hurt 
Can not be measured

Foggy reasons
Cloud recovery
Mixed messages
To and From

What does it take
With no mirror in sight
Fast turning pages
Clenched in an unyielding fist

On a dead-end street
Stands a ‘No Outlet’ sign
Hurt piles up
No where to turn around
This was written as an observation of daily life around us. We all need to go back and read the directions more carefully... 

December 17, 2010


By John R. Greenwood

No fight remains
Flag of white up high
Sickness overcomes
An unarmed man
A week-long battle
Throat-devil won


December 10, 2010


By John R. Greenwood

Tangled in life
We weave a twisted path
One day hanging by a thread
The next
Dreaming in midair
Freedom and flight
Hindered by strings held by others
Work and play twisted tight together
No room for error
Sky-blue hopes just inches away


December 08, 2010

Invisible Child

Invisible Child
By John R. Greenwood

Dear child,
If you missed the
Chance to swing your feet
Sit right down and take a seat
I’ll start you off and push you high
Point those toes up to the sky
Leave your troubles on the ground
Dream your dreams
Do it now
Like a moon and a jumping cow
Invisible child has now been found


December 04, 2010



By John R. Greenwood

Background tick of a nightstand clock

barely heard in silence roar

Body-aches seem louder now

when given preference above the sound

Creaks and groans deep within the home

mimic stomach growls and snapping bones

I must decide if music comes

or does this silence

serve the same?