December 10, 2010


By John R. Greenwood

Tangled in life
We weave a twisted path
One day hanging by a thread
The next
Dreaming in midair
Freedom and flight
Hindered by strings held by others
Work and play twisted tight together
No room for error
Sky-blue hopes just inches away



  1. Am enjoying reading your work, John but I especially love this one (you may guess why - just throw in a blue sky, and I'm hooked:)!)I love the trees and leaves on your site - pretty cool!

  2. I just now read this for the first time. I can identify with EVERY WORD, as it parallels my own life. "One day hanging by a thread, the next day dreaming in midair...". Since art is interpreted differently by each individual, what it means to me, is most likely unique to my experiences, past and present. What ever the case may be, this piece, in every way, pulls one into much introspection of self, and life...Good job!!

  3. By the way, John, I love your photographs. You and I seem to see beauty and wonder in the smallest and most common of places. All anyone has to do is stop to "smell the roses", look up, and observe what is all around us!