September 23, 2011

Alive at Five

Alive at Five
By John R. Greenwood

Notes flow soft through musty cellar air
Weights clink to the swing of Rhythm & Blues 
Heart rate attempts to keep pace
Arteries full
Blood races
I swear I saw a spider swing to-and-fro

Poem and Photo by John R. Greenwood

Submitted to Poetry Pantry #67

September 03, 2011

What's The Hurry

What’s the hurry? 
By John R. Greenwood 
red car twisting
air born high 
with sudden stop 
of heart and breath 
tumbled mind 
lands hard
shaken and stirred 
a mother’s nightmare
played out in slow motion
slumped teen
scared straight 
but for a moment
eye contact too painful for him
thoughts swiftly shift
to a bloody friend left inside
no time to prepare 
for a loss of this kind

*As a part of my job one of my responsibilities is riding with my drivers and evaluating their work and driving performance. On this day in early September we happened upon the scene above. I clicked a few photos as we waited to be re-routed around the accident. I do not know the young man involved nor the outcome of the accident. We were told at the scene that there was indeed a passenger still in the vehicle at the time of these photos.