December 29, 2009

Snow Bound

Snow Bound
By John R Greenwood

Red toy
Rests patient
Mired in
Deep winter white
Spring-filled child
Soon to return

Sleepy wheels
Frozen in time
Peek out cautiously
Hesitant to play

Snowbound toy
Seems happy to nap
Sipping solitude
On December’s
Damp day


Submission for Poetry Jam

December 25, 2009

Christmas Wishes

"From our home to yours"

Christmas Wishes
by John R.Greenwood

Ice crystal cold
Crackling fire
Families scatter
To gather close

Soggy wool mittens
From snowball fights
Hang on racks
Of wooden dowels

Ham filled platters
Tease a hungry boy
Rippled chips
Candy bowls

Young ones kneel
In seas of wrap
Christmas sounds
Balsam smells

Kitten swats a
Swaying bulb
Cinnamon scent
Jingle Bells

Cookies, cakes
Family, friends
Twinkling lights
Ginger bread

Heartfelt wishes
To you and yours
Hug the children
Forget the chores

Peace on earth,
Good will toward men

J.R.G.Christmas 2009