December 29, 2009

Snow Bound

Snow Bound
By John R Greenwood

Red toy
Rests patient
Mired in
Deep winter white
Spring-filled child
Soon to return

Sleepy wheels
Frozen in time
Peek out cautiously
Hesitant to play

Snowbound toy
Seems happy to nap
Sipping solitude
On December’s
Damp day


Submission for Poetry Jam


  1. Beautiful poem and a very intriguing picture. Thanks for stopping by A Picture Speaks and submitting an entry. I do hope you will return next week. Nice work!

  2. Bravo! This could be my son's toys in our winter. Nicely done, I like how this flows with a bit of fun too!

  3. Spring will always return...and things that are buried will again find new life. Return again Wednesday to Poetry Jam for a new prompt. Nice seeing you here.

  4. Wonderful, wonderful! Happy Winter!