July 25, 2009

Window open
Faintly seen
In foggy distance
Eyes strain
Cupped hands
Around them
Try to focus
What does the sign say?

Of mist and haze
Covers answers

Too many pictures
To keep them straight
Who’s keeping track?
How much time
Left in the game

Two more minutes
As sleep settles in
Two more lines
To start the fire


Poem written about my search for something I can’t describe. It haunts me and exhilarates me in the same breathe. It is joyous and exhausting. It keeps me moving forward…

July 22, 2009


By John R. Greenwood

Stone Grey
Chiseled deep

American flags fade
In sun baked wind

Summer flowers
Red, white, and yellow
Urns dry and patient
Await soft Sunday showers

Visitors wander
Through neatly placed rows
Plots long forgotten

Old cedars sway with
Brown slivered bark

Young widow weeps
Quiet tears of emptiness

Lives of war heroes made short
Shadow centuries past

Songbirds sing unaware
Their sounds soothe
Hearts below

Cemetery air
Brings a silent ease
To loved-ones left

Memorial Day
Bow your head

For those lost before
Cherish life
Up ahead


July 03, 2009

If one advances confidently in the direction of one's dreams, and endeavors to live the life which one has imagined, one will meet with a success unexpected in common hours
Henry David Thoreau

July 02, 2009

Inside Out

Inside out
It’s a feeling I can’t shake
Like a t-shirt
Out of the dryer
Tag out
Day in – Day out
Empty after a meal
Full before I take a bite
Sunglasses in the dark
New umbrella on a sunny day
Pedaling with no bike
Paper with no pen
Brown socks in black shoes
Bowling ball with no holes
Full sail on a windless day
Kite with no string
Inside out can’t shake it
Day in – Day out
Smiling with tears running up my face
Second day of a one-day sale
Goose bumps on a July day
GPS can’t find my way
Inside out
Day before day

JRG September 2008

July 01, 2009

Tiger's Comeback

Tiger's Comeback
By John R. Greenwood

June 24, 2009 

This is a true story. The names have been withheld to protect the participants. The following story is not about Tiger Woods, nor is it about Tony the Tiger. It is not about an endangered species, circus animal or, old family cat. It is about an Esso Tiger. This is the story of an Esso Tiger that disappeared from the roof of a long forgotten gas station in Saratoga Springs one moonlit summer night in the early 70’s. The story is about the Esso Tiger’s journey from that rooftop to a backyard on Northern Pines Rd. where it stood guard for 30 years.

Even with a missing tail and faded stripes, Esso Tiger never shied from his role. He protected and entertained two active boys from childhood to adulthood. Sadly, Esso Tiger’s job diminished when the boys grew up and moved away. Work was hard to find and his life became boring and dismal as he filled a corner in the tool shed. There he was propped uncomfortably on his broken tail and with his back against the wall. The Esso Tiger never lost hope that life would improve and a fresh opportunity would someday march his way.

Well, one recent summer day, as his caretaker for 30 years, I could sense the sadness in the Eye of the Tiger. He was calling for my attention. My life was at a crossroads and so it was for Esso Tiger. “Time to move on.” he seemed to whisper. And so, it was to be.

I dug the faded sentry from his cobwebbed crypt and placed him in the yard, with a sign that seemed quite sad, “FOR SALE”. I had placed Esso Tiger out there a few times before. In times of monetary greed and the EBay fueled collectable explosion, I thought Esso Tiger could be worth as much as one-thousand dollars or more. Now in hard economic times, light wallets, and $3 gas, Esso Tiger’s going price was set at fifty bucks. I was lovingly encouraged to take twenty-five if offered.
All alone, Esso Tiger sat out there through days one and two of his caretaker’s vacation. Depression and boredom were enemies creeping close and breathing heavy on his faded neck.

Then like a beacon, like an angel from above, an answer came through the gate. Not heavens gate, the gate in the arbor leading to my backyard. The angel was familiar yet not immediately recognizable. Could it be? Is it possible? Why, it sure was, it was the one responsible for sending Esso Tiger on his endless journey so long, long ago. The prankster extraordinaire with the devilish smile, and mischievous spirit, spotted Esso Tiger in the yard as he was passing by. Just as a light switched on for me when the master of mischief passed through the arbor gate, so it did for him as he drove by and saw the silent sentinel for sale in the yard. That familiar face, that memory, the laughs, the racing pulse, it all came back in a four-second-quarter-mile flash. The circle was complete. People reunited, stories retold, three ex-large personalities back on the same thirty-year-old track.

Joy comes in many forms; a new baby, a wedding vow, a winning $20 scratch-off, but this was a different joy. This was the pure joy of past meeting present and memory looking forward. Two grown men, their grown sons, a faded old tiger with a broken tail, renewed spirit and I swear, a small twinkle in his eye, refreshed and reloaded with a new story to tell.

As we lovingly placed Esso Tiger in his new caretaker’s van, the FOR SALE removed and tossed aside, a wave of happiness overcame me. This was the best start to a summer I could remember in a long, long time…