July 02, 2009

Inside Out

Inside out
It’s a feeling I can’t shake
Like a t-shirt
Out of the dryer
Tag out
Day in – Day out
Empty after a meal
Full before I take a bite
Sunglasses in the dark
New umbrella on a sunny day
Pedaling with no bike
Paper with no pen
Brown socks in black shoes
Bowling ball with no holes
Full sail on a windless day
Kite with no string
Inside out can’t shake it
Day in – Day out
Smiling with tears running up my face
Second day of a one-day sale
Goose bumps on a July day
GPS can’t find my way
Inside out
Day before day

JRG September 2008

1 comment:

  1. That is a very VERY cool poem! I'll be back to read it again when I'm not feeling so inside out myself. :) Thanks for joining in the Smiley Sociology Study.