June 26, 2011

Family Reunion

Photo by John R. Greenwood

Family Reunion
By John R. Greenwood

A family collection of young and old hearts
Reunite and gather for a summer's day
Grandma Grace and her dog Copper with the grey face
Sit silent on the shade drenched riverbank 
Cherubs with pink cheeks come flitting with their
Pepper shaker full of kisses sprinkled lightly on her cheek
She smiles and rests content
Inhaling life's rewards
Absorbing children sounds and 
Eavesdropping on a young couples tiff
She knows the sands of time are numbered
An evening haze settles in
One more album full 
A grandmother's quilt takes shape

Written for the, Sunday Whirl

June 23, 2011

Sail Away With Me

Sail Away With Me 
(To my wife)
By John R. Greenwood

A boat 
A boat 
I wish to be
So you could sail away with me

A breeze 
A breeze 
 For you and me
To fill our sail and set us free

My submission for

June 13, 2011

E miles To Go

                                       E mile’s to go                                                  

Mile markers pass in Florida dusk fog
Gator breath scented and damp
Snake tales whisper in my ear
Pedals pace and heartbeat swell
 Eighteen wheels brush close
A life’s portrait passes by
Written for Emile Klein’s You’re U.S.
 By John R. Greenwood

June 08, 2011

Waiting Room

Waiting Room
By John R. Greenwood
Waiting Room of white and grey 
Children once
Loose and laughing
Slowed now
Softened steps carefully placed

Quietly patient
They smile and nod
Aware times firm grasp
Is heartless and sure

Wobbly women
Bone-creaky gentlemen
Heads bowed in surrender
Of times sadly passed

I smile in politeness
As if I was immune
A mirrored glimpse
Corner-eyed clear
A mans realization
Finally kicks in
I wrote this in a waiting room on my ?? birthday. I feel young in spirit and dreams and fight to remain there. I love this place we call life and simply wish to keep placing things where they belong on the shelf. I think I will go for a walk now - a birthday present to me...