June 08, 2011

Waiting Room

Waiting Room
By John R. Greenwood
Waiting Room of white and grey 
Children once
Loose and laughing
Slowed now
Softened steps carefully placed

Quietly patient
They smile and nod
Aware times firm grasp
Is heartless and sure

Wobbly women
Bone-creaky gentlemen
Heads bowed in surrender
Of times sadly passed

I smile in politeness
As if I was immune
A mirrored glimpse
Corner-eyed clear
A mans realization
Finally kicks in
I wrote this in a waiting room on my ?? birthday. I feel young in spirit and dreams and fight to remain there. I love this place we call life and simply wish to keep placing things where they belong on the shelf. I think I will go for a walk now - a birthday present to me...


  1. Very nice piece of writing, John. I like that you 'love this place we call life'.

    Happy ??th Birthday. :-)

  2. @ Ollie - I call my style "Sophomore Simple"
    @ Paul & Lucychili - Thank you for the birthday wishes.
    @ Everyone who stops for a visit- Write-back at you.

  3. The poem is marvelous ... love the commentary too that you left as explanation ... a window into you.