June 13, 2011

E miles To Go

                                       E mile’s to go                                                  

Mile markers pass in Florida dusk fog
Gator breath scented and damp
Snake tales whisper in my ear
Pedals pace and heartbeat swell
 Eighteen wheels brush close
A life’s portrait passes by
Written for Emile Klein’s You’re U.S.
 By John R. Greenwood


  1. An interesting piece... common links to any who travels the roads of life.

  2. Reflections, thank you for stopping by. Emile is an artist cycling his way across the United States painting portraits and taping interviews with the subjects. Then he enlists someone like myself to write a short bio based on those two elements. I was fortunate enough to receive one of the first assignments. You can find it on the link.

  3. Oh this paints a portrait! I have a friend who has cycled through the States a number of times for World Kindness.........I love this poem!

  4. Being a Florida dweller, I can very easily picture this poem, "mile markers in Florida dusk fog" ...all of it and I love your name "Raining Iguanas" and your bio.

  5. brilliant, sizzling title.

    hope to see you join us today.