July 21, 2012

Color Shouldn't Matter

"Color Shouldn't Matter"
Do I have to be red to be a barn? Shouldn't my ability to shelter and protect be enough to be labeled a barn? I work as hard as those red guys; but they get all the recognition. I was built by the same hands that built Mr. Red. My creator simply had a different vision of what I should look like. The hammers and saws that molded me into the barn I am today are the same tools used on Mr. Red. I am as strong as he is. If you had no eyes to see and you needed shelter, would I not keep you as dry as he? I feel beautiful on the outside too. I take pride in my appearance. Who's to judge? I am sure there are many people that drive by me who think I am worthy of being called a barn. I care about what's inside of me. If you were being threatened by a raging bull, I would stand tall and protect you from being hurt. The color of my boards would not matter. The only thing that would matter would be how brave I am. Being yellow doesn't mean I'm scared any more than being red in the face means you are embarrassed to be painted red. I am proud to be a barn in the USA. I am yellow but I was born here too. My builder was an immigrant and so was yours Mr. Red Barn. They both came here with their own idea of what makes a useful barn. Color is a preference, not a qualification. I stand by my right to be yellow and I will support your right to be red. What if all the red paint in the world was dried up and your son the well-house had to be painted to keep him safe from the rain and the snow? What if the only paint left in the USA was brown; wouldn't you still want him painted? Wouldn't you still call him son if he was brown? You would, wouldn't you?


  1. YOur photos of the yellow barn are fantastic! I am a barn lover no mater if they are any color of the rainbow. I read this post and the metaphoric meanings jumped out to me. It is a soulful and melodic piece about our society, as least that is how I interpreted it. -- barbara

  2. Spectacular photos! This barn is a thing of beauty. Where does it stand?

    1. This barn is on Squashville Rd. in Greenfield Ctr, NY.