March 15, 2014

Child of Wonder

Child of Wonder
By John R. Greenwood

Child of wonder, observe without prejudice the world as it opens before your eyes and ears. 

See things as they are, not as they appear. 

Listen carefully to those who are care-full. 

Be cautious in a fearless way. 

Steer clear of the common lane. 

Walk briskly on quiet days and quietly on brisk days. 

Be kind when others are angry with ignorance and be angry when kindness is absent from the crowd. 

Lift spirits with your humor and send them off smiling inside and out. 

The world is yours, believe in it. 

Refuse defeat and embrace uncertainty. 

Most of all, remain a child of wonder, always a child with eyes wide open. 


  1. Many good lines for us to consider -- barbara

  2. I had to read this piece over a few times, slowly, to absorb the true "gem" of writing that it is! So much meaning behind each phrase, and a perfect example of how we should look at, and experience our life!