December 27, 2018

Listen To Your Mother

Listen To Your Mother
By John R. Greenwood 

Mother Nature has a way of re-centering me. Whether I’m in need of a pick-me-up or a knock-me-down, Mother Nature, just like mom, always has the answer I’m looking for. Today was no exception. 

I’ve wrestled with posting and writing ever since my friend Ed Gulley was called to heaven to help the good lord plant and nurture his next crop of love and compassion. We all know how much this world needs a bumper crop in the upcoming year. I’m certain my friend is sowing seeds of smiles and kindness as I write this piece. I miss Ed dearly. 

2018 has been a potpourri of ups and downs, repairs and replacements, weight loss and weight gain. It has been a struggle to stay optimistic when the air is congested with cancerous words and anger. I’ve become numb and a little withdrawn. It is uncomfortable and unfamiliar to me to be this way. Having a few vacation days off to end the year I thought it might be a good time to go visit Mother Nature to get some guidance. I’ve done it before. It’s a pattern of mine. 

I pulled up the Weather Channel and saw the sun was going to make a rare appearance so I charged my camera, grabbed a warm hat and coat and headed to a place I’d visited briefly but never really took the time to explore. How glad I am for making that decision today. It reaped rewards beyond my expectations. It’s a place just a few miles away on my favorite river. The place is called Hudson Crossing Park and it’s a gem of a place. There is a walking trail approximately two miles long that circles the park. Much of the trail provides vistas of the Hudson River and Lock #5 of the Champlain Canal. There is also a foot bridge that spans the Hudson and connects Saratoga and Washington Counties. The Dix Bridge is a beauty and loaded with historical significance. The park is primarily run and maintained by volunteers so it depends heavily on the support of community businesses and local residents. I learned much about the park during my visit and from their website. I apologize profusely for allowing this wonderful park to go so long before today’s more in-depth visit. 

 I’m sure the park puts on a totally different face depending on the season. Today’s stark cold and leafless trees gave the park a tranquility that soothed my mood and inspired my vision. If you live in the area, and you love the Hudson,  you owe it to yourself to visit the website for directions. Don’t be a serial procrastinator like me. 

I think I’ll finish this piece by letting the photographs speak for themselves.

A poem for those of you who stuck around until the end.

Hudson Crossing 
By John R. Greenwood

Emptiness fills December’s air 
Historical paths crunch beneath my feet
Crows crow, squirrels squirrel
Hudson water surrounds me
Am I home now?


  1. The poem was an extra surprise bonus after the writing and fun pictures. I especially love the skeleton on the bike with the No Smoking sign above. Thanks for sharing, John. The Hudson Crossing Park needs to end up on my long list of things to do and see.

  2. Very nice! I am addicted to historical places - and your observations with the camera are very nice. I visit NYC often and I am going to branch out when visiting my kids and make side stops to historical sites and cities. The Hudson is definitely on my list.

  3. Really Lovely pictures John! Whether here in MN or your neck of the woods, seeing water and Nature makes our day! ! Thank You for posting them!!

    Have an Awesome Day:)!