March 20, 2010

Our Hudson River

Our Hudson River
By John R. Greenwood

From the moss-laden woods of Marcy
To the cliffs of West Point high
Flows an artery of life
That quenches you and I

A slice of Hudson
With ledges blue
Where rainbow trout
Once greeted you

Camps built simple with
Boats tied loosely
Bobbing happily
In soft waves
Brought on by
Tender winds

Riverbank beaches
Strewn with blankets
Children playing in the sand
Wiggle toes of happiness
From baby-size
To full-grown man

Ducks float quiet
Dipping heads
Sipping dinner
Through water soaked bills

Water reflections
Of campfires glow
Add silent beauty
To a wet gentle flow

I’ll teach my sons
As you taught me

Water is life
Life is good
Protect the Hudson
Like a good father should

Photograph - That is my father in the foreground and me as a little boy behind him. The beach was owned by Charlie Atwell and was located on the east side of the Hudson about half-way between Corinth and Lake Luzerne. I learned to swim at that beach.


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