February 06, 2011

Great Northeast

Great Northeast
By John R. Greenwood
Winter pain creeping low and mean
Gripping lower backs and shoulders ache
Pharmacy bottle at sink’s edge 
Hands dry-cracked and cramped 
Strain to access white pills
Kitchen floors of scattered puddles
Foyer filled hooks of snow soaked wool
Frozen bootlaces frayed and weary
Men with gray hair whimper and whine
Ice-dam drippings stain ceilings once white
Snowplow-devils pass with smiles and smirks
At driveway’s end 
Mountains high
Begin again once more


  1. Oh I know the feeling, John, especially the malevolent maniac driving the snow plough.

    We are expecting another storm tomorrow.

    'Begin again once more.' Isn't that the truth?

    Very nice writing. :-)

  2. Good Job ! Interesting how you gave the snowplow a "personality" of sorts. So true (even tho I'm not the one in our house that shovels, and plows), I admire those "hearty" souls that have to "brave" weather like this to clear a path. Yes, the plow leaves quite a "pile" at the end of our driveways, doesn't it? Just another part of the test of "man vs. snow"...