March 14, 2012

"Battenkill Books"

Battenkill Books
by John Greenwood

Enter the doors to a world inside
Where words of wisdom and learning reside

Stories of courage maybe a tale of woe
A place to meet friends, like Jenna or Joe  

Children are welcome
Mom's are too
Dad need a gift? 
We can fix that for you

So head off to Cambridge 
Park the car on the street
The warmth in this place
Is honest and sweet 

Books by the front door
Books on a rack
Buy one book on Monday
By Sunday you're back


  1. I am SO glad to know that this kind of small bookstore still exists. Thanks for reminding us.

  2. This is great...I love small bookstores. Not many of them left these days.

  3. John,

    Thank you for such an inviting poem....
    I have been on a vacation to California, from my home in England. I spent quite a few hours trying to locate a bookstore. I found thta the Borders stores in San Francisco have all closed. What a sad sight...
    I got a clear message from those I spoke to, that Kindle and I-pads, were 'the way to go.'.....Sadly not for me. I still love the feel amd smell of a good book :)

    Best Wishes and Happy St Patrick's Day,