March 11, 2012

When The Gutters Need Cleaning

"Smile, I did."
When The Gutters Need Cleaning
By John R. Greenwood

life can get away from you 
cluttered garages, car-less and sad
attic stuffiness overgrown with plastic totes and Christmas bulbs
time passes quickly when work is followed by work
a man challenged to thin a worn-torn pair of anything
drawers of junk
shelves of drawers 
life goes on 
sorted or not
When the gutter's need cleaning

          grab the camera…

* Author's Note: No these are not my gutters. I found these rolling hills of green while traveling the Green Mountain State. They made me smile -- then I thought of my to-do-list. The list is long. 


  1. Even in a one room apartment you can get a list. smiles...

  2. Oh this is great, funny, true, made me laugh.

    Good job, really good.

  3. So relieved to hear that small village isnt growing in your gutters! Yes, I live in one room and I never keep up with my to do list either!!!!!! I enjoyed this. Right this moment, it is SNOWING outside, in earnest, big flakes. Sigh. Good excuse not to leave the house however:)

  4. Oh I can relate to this one...I sometimes pare down my possessions and when I do.. more, magically reappear again.My gutters have never been as bad as yours..I feel better. Thanks:)

    1. I have been strongly encouraged to reiterate that the above mentioned gutters are not mine, they were discovered on safari in the State of Vermont. Although the gutters on my house would not qualify for a, "This Old House," photo shoot the height of the greenery is at least respectable.

  5. I so appreciate this timely post, John, as I have spent the last week rearranging nearly 3200 square feet in order to create a studio for myself and a home gym for The Good Husband. Every closet, drawer and corner has been scrutinized; furniture has been moved and walls painted. But, I managed to take about 100 photos and sign up for a sketch class to further my skills for the next big project!

  6. Hehe, this one made me roll on the floor, laughing! Seriously, though, I pity that roof's homeowner. Good thing it's not yours! Indeed, the list is loooong! :) I hope you're having a great day! :)


  7. In every maintenance list, I think cleaning the gutter should be on the top. Just look how the gutter looks like when it is not well-maintained. The worst part is, it can be a breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi that pose a major health risk for your family.