August 17, 2014

A Little Boost

A Little Boost
By John R. Greenwood

Author Jenna Woginrich surrounded by fans and friends
Cathy and Tim Hoff 
I was in need of a little boost today. What better place to find one than a visit to a bookstore. Don’t laugh, Saratoga’s Northshire Bookstore’s Saturday evening guest author Jenna Woginrich is the queen of inspiration. She can lift the spirits of anyone within 100 feet with her with her eight cylinder, high performance personality. Her life’s story is enough to inspire anyone who has ever faced adversity or the unknown. I first met Jenna at Battenkill Books when her book Barnheart came out a few years ago. The strength she exudes with her unwavering resolve to live her life on her terms is enough to make this 6’, 250lb man look like a 6 year-old who just missed the turtle bus. The moment Jenna begins talking about Cold Antler Farm, her animals, and her dream, she has your admiration and respect. You can’t help but cheer for her every time she overcomes another spike-strip in her path. 

Most mentors and teachers are older with decades of life experiences under their belt. Jenna is the young exception. She must have been born reading the directions for self-reliance and courage. Even if she whispers just a hint of trepidation today, tomorrow she bounces back like an over-inflated basketball. As I proceed into the fall of my life I am drawn to these personalities. They recharge my batteries when my ambition begins to ‘whine’ down. I feel privileged to have access to personalities like Jenna. That is one reason I am infatuated with the internet. Not only can I read about people with high octane spirits I can actually read their work with just the click of a mouse and a visit to the land of Google. 

People who follow their dreams out past the edge of town give me hope that my own story still has possibilities. I approach every day with the thought of seeing what it brings me. I have made decisions that dictate that I can’t just jump off the tracks and go searching blindly on my own. The choices I’ve made to this point have consequences and involve more than one person. At this stage of the game it’s a chess game of action based on priorities. You do what you can, when you can, in your journey to personal satisfaction and reaching your life's goals. It would be irresponsible to approach it any other way. It’s a tight-wire act balancing priorities with the clock ticking much faster than it used to. 

Snake Draped Men and Seven Foot Rabbits
The New Broadway 
For now I focus on accumulating a list of people and places to visit when I need answers and inspiration. Sitting in a bookstore with a dozen other curious and peaceful souls on a Saturday evening in August, in Saratoga, while the circus act of “look at me” takes place out front on Broadway, works for me. It stirs my own resolve and sets me a sail to the next chapter knowing I would rather be here than there. For now, I’ll keep jotting down and snapping the shudder whenever something worthwhile whispers in my ear. 

Oh, by the way. In the middle of Jenna’s book reading she was asked about her Kickstarter Project to raise $12,000.00 to write a book that would include input from her readers. She just smiled and said that moments before she left for Saratoga, she not only reached her goal, but she had exceeded it with five more days to go. 

That was the best bet of the day you could have made in Saratoga. 

Write on Jenna...

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  1. Thank you so much John! It was lovely to see you, you should come by the farm sometime, say hi, see this hot mess :)

    I don't know your personal goals, but I can assure you they are possible as long as you're willing to be uncomfortable and laughed at a lot. I was laughed out of banks and bought a farm anyway. And I was told never to leave the corporate world and I'm figuring it out. I don't know what you want from the world but it's there for you.

    Thanks for taking time to see me last night!


    P.S. I wore kilt and sporran last night and was one of the most normal looking people on broadway.... how about that?!