August 15, 2015

Feeling Welcome

Feeling Welcome
By John R. Greenwood


There are certain people and places that simply make you feel welcome. When you head off for a visit you feel a change a mile before you hit the driveway. There’s a feeling in the air. The birds sing louder. The trees in the front yard stand taller and greener than those on the property next door. The people who live at these special places smile when you say hello, and wave good bye in a way that makes you want to turn around and go back for one more friendly story. I had the pleasure of visiting one of those life-treats the other day at work. I am fortunate enough to have a job that brings me to several family dairy farms. One of them is called the “Bejosh Farm”. It’s owned and operated by Ed and Carol Gulley. My friend and writing mentor Jon Katz describes them quite eloquently in this Bedlam Farm post. Jon was warmed by their inviting nature in the same way I’ve been. It’s the simplicity in their outlook that makes them special in todays “bogus” world. I couldn’t possibly improve on Jon’s description so I chose instead to post a view photos taken at their farm showing the love they share with the land and life in general. It’s not complicated for them.

Embrace where you are and who you are, happiness in your life is up to you—not someone else. 

Ed and Carol I want to thank you for hanging on to what we all have right under our noses but fail to recognize, life is what you make of it. 

Thanks for the reboot. 

I needed it. 

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