October 14, 2015

Roadside Gold

Roadside Gold 
By John R. Greenwood

It was October and I was on my way to work. The sky had a blue-grey tinge and the early morning sun illuminated Mother Nature's tree tops with a rusty glow so glorious I wanted to  send her a blank check. The autumn air was thick with moisture and a mile-wide rainbow. I pulled my car to the gravel shoulder, slammed it in park, grabbed my phone, and ran into the field to capture the moment. My pants were soaked to the shins and my shoes were caked with mud; it was heaven. 

Fall passes so briskly I felt lucky to have grabbed a handful all in one photo. Life's simple pleasures have a habit of showing up when you least expect them. You have to be prepared to recognize them when they manifest themselves. 



  1. Such a treat to see this beautiful photo, John. Still 100 degrees in Phoenix! I'm jealous!