May 21, 2017

Day's Light

Day's Light
By John R. Greenwood

It came slowly from around the corner of the milk-house. The first light of day crept quietly, trying not to disturb the slumber of the barnyard. The light of the milk-house window and day's first light met halfway between tank and tanker. My watch read 4:30am. It was a peaceful start to a Sunday morning. Two kittens were wrestling in the hay like kids on a sleep-over. The cows were beginning to stir in anticipation of their morning milking. The air had a mid-May freshness to it. I paused to soak it in from top to bottom. I was covering an early shift for one of my guys and turning lemons in to lemonade. The gentleness of the morning turned a short night's sleep into a gift. Society is losing the ability to savor these gifts with no price tags. I have tried to take up the slack by embracing the smallest of them. After six decades of watching people chase their tails I've learned that happiness doesn't come with any identifying criteria, it comes in whatever form you choose. If your list of criteria is long you may find yourself wallowing through lots of muck and mire. But, if you can find joy in a beam of light from a milk-house window, you may find you've had a better ride than most. That is where I'm at today. I've found life is better lived when you boil it down to the basics. Light and (lack of) sound are two that stood out this morning at work(?). 

If all goes as planned, a Sunday afternoon nap later, will make me feel like a king. 

Live life in any lane. 

Pick one.

Raining Iguanas


  1. Thank you John for a beautiful reminder to savor the moment, its essence in all its simplicity and beauty. I would like to share with you a wonderful website - your essay above is a perfect example of what could so easily be turned into a 'small stone'. Your keen observational skills paired with your appreciation and love for life - you'll be turning out "smalls stones" every day I bet! Enjoy the rest of this beautiful month of May.

  2. " Society is losing the ability to savor these gifts with no price tags" As always, you nail it! Keep the list short. I've learned that too.

  3. I love the wording/image of the sun trying not to disturb the slumbering yard and the kittens like kids at a sleep over.