August 25, 2009


Window (A Sprint)
I love a picture window.
I love a white window.
I love replacing a broken window glass.
I love washing windows
I love looking out a picture window.
I love looking in a store window
I love climbing in a window when I forget my door key.
I love the word window and I don’t know why?
Window (Next Day)
As I awoke the next morning I instantly answered a question I had asked myself the night before, “I love the word window and I don’t know why?” I now knew the answer to that question. I love the word because I survive on introspect. I am always searching for something, a treasure, a sign, a clue. It is in everything I write. It is in everything I do. I continuously look in and out of life’s windows. It is a spirit sustaining drive that engulfs my mind. It is a hobby with no true cost, although it can take a toll on your heart when you are looking in to the window of your life or someone else’s and the picture is sad or disturbing. It may be illness, financial difficulty or the loss of a loved one. Windows do not always have happy views. If you embrace that life is going to happen with or without you, windows can help keep you alive.
If I need to breathe, I can open a window. If times are sad I can close the window, draw the shade and make the room dark for a brief moment. Seal the view; remove it for just a minute. Give myself time to regroup.
J.R.G. Summer of 2009

This was a writing exercise from Old Friend from Far Away (The Practice of Writing Memoir) by Natalie Goldberg


  1. I like windows too. I open them everyday and night.

    thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    Happy day ~

  2. I relate to every word of this! Love how we move from a love of "doing" with a window to "why"!

  3. Windows do not always have happy views-- powerful!


  4. "The fact that my father was a union glazier for over thirty years may also have something to do with my love of pane."

  5. You gave a complet view of the window, but I really enjoyed your note.

  6. I loved reading this, especially the explanation below the poem. Wonderfully expressed.

  7. John,

    It has been a pleasure to read your pictorial thoughts, of the 'inside and outside' view!


    PS: Thank you for your visit to my Blog.
    I have just formed another Blog and would like to invite you to join me.

  8. Wow, wow,wow!
    Sorry I am not as elegant in my usage of words as the ones you write, but I just had to say I have always loved windows and doors for that matter, I have purchased houses on the strength of how beautiful or strange the windows and doors have been, I remember spending much time gazing out of windows as a youngster. Also, making magical assumptions on other peoples lives, just by how their windows or doors look like.......mmmmmmm....would not like to think what others make of my portholes now!