August 29, 2010

Generation Contemplation

By John R. Greenwood

Reunion of well-grown children grey, stiff and smiling still, all with visions and voices hovering slightly beneath the surface. All wishing you could recreate the youthful joy that slipped by while you looked away, but for a minute. Hold it close. Hug it tight to your heart. Rest it softly on your shoulder. Close your eyes tight and see it clearly. Apron draped grandmother, deep-whiskered grandpa, consoling mom, protective father, gentle aunt, red-haired cousin, all circled close under smiling skies of cloud and blue. Families drawn together, decades faded between. Tiny diapered cherubs play happily not knowing they are next in line. Next in line to skip past memories and miles, unaware of the hours as they rush by, quickly, oh so quickly.

This piece was assembled a few hours after returning home from a small but significant family gathering of Joseph and Johanna Kubish family descendants. The reunion was hosted by my cousin Nancy Cahill at her warm and inviting home in Argyle N.Y. The photo above is of my cousin Pam and a cherub with a battery in need of recharging.


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  1. I was there that day, and I can attest to the same feeling you had, John. I also will hold the memories of my youth with these family members VERY close to my heart, in hopes that we will enjoy many more Kubish Reunions to come.Oh, yes, how quickly the decades between our youth, and our "golden years" do fade. Yet, I will savor these memories in my quiet moments. I will consider future gatherings we may have, a "gift" to me. At this stage of my fleeting life, all that REALLY matters to me now is God and family. Thank you Lord, for your many blessings, (and I especially thank you for my very special brother, John.