August 14, 2010

Out to Pasture

Out to Pasture
By John R. Greenwood

With head held high
On a back road dusty
He came to rest
Tired and rusty

They parked him in a pasture
Stripped the plates for DMV
Patted his hood for old-time sake
Then took away his key

An old Chevy dump truck
Like a ship adrift at sea
Gave it all he had to give
Then winked an eye at me


My submission for Poets United Poetry Pantry #68


  1. John, I like this poem. The truck has personality. So sad that his days of usefulness are over and he will sit forever in the elements to rust!

  2. I love this, too... especially the last stanza.

  3. This is lovely. The old Chevy put out to pasture like a noble steed.

  4. Great poem! Poor old Chevy. My Grandpa had one like him on his farm when I was a child. He got a brief, second-life when my brothers and I discovered him. That old, abandoned Chevy dump truck became our fort that Summer.

  5. John,

    A kind of funereal thought to this image. The end of the road, for a trusty companion.
    And, a tribute to the achievements of service rendered.
    Nice words John.
    Best wishes, Eileen
    Thank you for your kind visits to my Blogs.

  6. Funny back story here. This truck was located along Rt#12 between Lowville and Watertown, New York. I stopped one day and walked around it for about ten minutes taking pictures. For some reason I was taken by the image. When I searched for the truck a year later the truck was gone. It was nowhere to be seen. Obviously it had sat there for quite some time prior to my visit. It occurred to me later that the farmer who I believe was in a field nearby when I was photographing the poor old soul probably assumed I was taking photos for a zoning ordinance violation or something like that. I began to wonder if that old Chevy had been relocated to a patch of woods far from view. I miss seeing that old truck. I guess I'll save that thought for a future poem and post...

  7. I can truly appreciate this one as im from the country and you kept this true. Lovely post! I will return for sure!

  8. Are those trees growing in that truck, or only close behind it? Intriguing photo...

  9. Jinksy, the truck must have broken down with its bed full of topsoil. It sat where it stopped. It sprouted where it sat. This photo a prized possession. The truck has now disappeared...

  10. Great picture and poem. (the side note of the farmer maybe moved it to avoid zoning was a funny touch). Keep up the great work!