August 01, 2010

Camp Sights

Camp Sights

By John R. Greenwood

Rock-bumpy camp roads

Rain washed and rutted

Lead to pine-needle foyers

Pitchy and smooth

Aluminum camp pots

Clink and clatter

Sizzling bacon crowds

Old cast-iron skillet

Cold cement-floor bathhouse

Amplifies early morning echoes of

Child’s playful excitement

Handed down fishing poles

Lean slightly bent

Crusted old nightcrawler

Days long forgotten

Sunny days and boat rides

Cranky babies in hats

Inner tube piles and

Sand scattered beach blankets

Night campfire crackles

Melting into pools of

Wavy hot embers

Both yellow and orange

Sweet smokey scent

Wispy white ashes

Snowing in reverse

Rise to star filled skies

As if returning home

Written for Stewart's Pond Campsite about Stewart's Pond Campsite.

The photograph was taken by my dear sister and camp owner Joanne Byron


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