March 30, 2011


By John R. Greenwood

The “pull” is a vision of a sixteen-year-old boy and girl, walking through the backstreets of Saratoga Springs from Jumel Place, Ludlow Street, Caroline Street, Circular Street, South Broadway, and the Avenue of Pines, to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. Two young lovers, hand-in-hand, stopping in dark shadows to kiss quietly, passionately. Aroma of love, fresh washed hair and added scents of his and hers. This was teen-love, 10 on a scale of 1-10, goose bumps, quickened pulses, and warm lips touching each other. Butterflies, his and hers, come at a minutes notice, true love taking hold, sinking its little tentacles in deeper and deeper. Sweet memories of soft August nights, stars and moonlight, warm breezes and fireflies, air clear and intoxicating. Passing car lights capture true love in motion. Two teens sitting on dew covered grass listening to James Taylor and Carole King. Long walks to the Spa Little Theater nestled in the middle of heaven. Two teens sit in back, snuggled tight together as one, kisses sweet in the dark, exciting kisses, heart-pounding kisses, chest thumping kisses. Love growing day by night. First one summer, then two, engulfed two teens in their world, alone together. Thirty-nine years later that feeling is as fresh and as dependable as a sunrise. Her hand in mine, automatic, natural, love in motion still.

My submission for this weeks prompt here:


  1. Wonderful for you two!

    Saratoga has been a favorite vacation place for me, and now I can feel the real home town-ness of it.

    Nice Magpie!

  2. young love?

    you write it as if it is real and true.
    vivid imagery,
    inviting set up.

  3. Oh I so loved the image you created up here...
    I am swaying at it, a bit dreamy...
    'Pull' it is...:)

  4. Wonderful took me straight back to the summer of 1974.

  5. @ Cello Strings. It was easy. I simply closed my eyes and remembered, vividly, lovingly, truthfully. All real, all true, then to now, and on...