April 16, 2011


By John R. Greenwood
Fathers dream of sons
To carry on their legacy
Not just in name 
But character of being
An individual
To set a path
Their own anew
With hints and traces
Of the fathers self
As the years flow quickly by
Those tracks they do 
The footsteps look 
Quite similar
The mirror seems familiar
Oh son, you make me proud
First born or next
It matters not
My blood
Your body 
Carries too
Someday you will see
As I do.
December 25, 2008
I wrote this for my two sons Brendan and Kevin for Christmas 2008.


  1. John,
    I think this is one of the most beautiful poems, that I have come across. It is an endearing tribute to your two sons.
    I hope they also know just what a wonderful father they have too!
    Thank you for your visits and comments at my blog page. Very much appreciated indeed.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  2. Kind words Eileen, thank you. They are a bit older now. The photo is from the 80's- the sentiment is forever...

  3. Wow, now that's weird, John. We both posted about boys, paths and time on the same day.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. It was good to see you. :-)