May 10, 2011

Moreau Morning by John R. Greenwood


  1. John, are you sure we're not twins??? The photos you took at that peaceful, beautiful "piece of
    heaven" would be so like the ones I would've taken that day...I SO enjoyed the pics, and the serenity those few minutes viewing it brought me. I considered it a real gift, and felt almost like I was there myself! Thanks...

  2. Thanks, John! Some nice shots, there.

    I miss the Adirondacks terribly, especially the LACK of ticks, but I follow some good blogs from that area, so I'm not completely cut off. :)

    Michigan is a whole new world, and I am enjoying getting to know it (despite the ticks).

  3. Oh, I know those trail and that lakeshore by heart! How beautifully you have captured their beauty. Thank you.